Aku mintak maaf sebab lama tak update as last week I was in Bali accompanying a Korean woman. We spent like 5 days together and stayed at the prestigious Hard Rock Hotel!! Yeah, it was an awesome stay.
More importantly, the Korean woman is VERY happy with the trip and I am glad. And yes, we had to share the same room too as that is more cost effective, and realising that hotel rates in Bali is potong leher!! It was not easy as I had to speak Korean with her. At nights we don’t talk so much if you know what I mean.
Hard Rock Hotel Bali was so kind to us. We turned many heads during our breakfast, during our walk, during our snokerling trip and during our bike ride. They must have thought I am being accompanied by a Kpop superstar!
In one instance:
“Waduh mas. Dibawakkan ibu dari Korea ya?” 
Ada ke patut orang Indonesia kata aku tour guide Indonesia bawak tourist Korea. Tak patut betul. Masa ni, bini aku tanpa rasa dosa kembang kuncup hidung dia, dan hidung aku keluar asap berkepul kepul. Rasa macam nak balik jek masa tu.
Tak apalah, aku redha. Sedih tu memang sedih tapi siapalah aku untuk menentang realiti itu.
Tak apa. Aku dah contact supplier sabun susu kambing. Kau tungguuuuuuu. Awas!!
Enough about that, here are some memories that we captured for you. Please click on the pixs for better resolutions.

Yang ni paling kelakar, we took at Jinbaran. See the guy with a bag.They did a pocong jump. Memang wajib untuk ambik gambar lompat eh? 

Nice? Memanglah nice. Siapa tak puji, siap kau. Hahahahah.

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