Not An Easy Task

Not An Easy Task

Frankly, it is not easy untuk cari staff. I mean, cari pekerja memang senang, but to find one that really ‘kerja’ in the real term and reality nowadays memang sangat susah.

I had the chance to be working with some wonderful people, and Alhamdulillah, yesterday for the first time after many years, aku bercakap dengan my former staff yang sekarang ni dah menjawat jawatan pegawai kanan sebuah jabatan kerajaan di utara Semenanjung. Nothing else I could say except aku bangga sebab at least aku tahu I have worked with him.

And yesterday, aku dapat tetamu also a former staff yang dah jadik kawan, dan dah put aside all those Encik, Boss or whatever salutation yang ada kat dunia ni. We spoke without any formality dan we feel comfortable about it.

Reminiscing the days, our conversation were filled with giggles and laughter. Especially bila ingat staff staff yang memacam perangai, tapi masa tulah we achieved lots of things.

Anyway, susah nak cari the same team macam what I had then. Although some would say we were retards, we excel a lot. Banyak benda baru yang kitaorang explore and we gained lots of experience and knowledge from each others. We were small but we were a BIG team.

Siapa sangka one fella yang naik motosikal all the way from JB to Kluang without tail light menyala, sekarang dah jadik boss? Hahaha.

Another is now a policeman in Perak. That too, amazes me sebab tak sangka pulak dulu macam kuat merajuk tapi dah masuk polis. Dah jadik gagah I guess.

These are not my words but they said, after I left, they left too sebab tak sama during my time. But I did say to them, everyone has their own style of management but ultimate objective is to fulfill our duties. Tapi mereka tetap jugak berhenti.

Letih kekadang just to find a staff that can really work.

Memacam perangai tapi yang tak bestnya bila too much of  hal hal peribadi termasuk nenek sedara nak kahwin, resulting to absents. Malas.

Once again, I am going for another round of recruitment, and hopefully this round, I will receive better candidates (at least), not only with paper, but with BRAINS.

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  1. korang ni saje ke kan. hahhaha.. yeah, staf saya pulak, dah elok elok kerja, cekap, mak dia sakit, and of course I must support her decision to take care of her mum.

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