I know I know. It is a love and hate relationship.

Firstly, aku pernah menjadi seorang PR practioner for many years, although six to seven years of service tak buatkan aku sehebat PR-men yang ada di Malaysia ni. However, it does helped me to gain lots of knowledge and experience. And yes, aku mulut manis, so that is my advantage.

Aku sebenarnya tak ada intention to prolong this so-called issue tapi I think when I received second sms, just like how a Vice President of Celcom sent me a childish sms when I complaint about Celcom and quoted Maxis, he went besserk. Funny. Amusing too. The thoughts of forwarding the sms to CEO Celcom sangat tinggi, but I decided not too sebab the sms is too childish and immature.Even if I post it here, you surely gonna have a good laugh. I bet, you will.

Yeah, he went besserk sebab tak boleh terima bricks from a customer like me. I like to throw bricks at customer service people sebab in this world of you need customer badly to survive, you really really have to be very careful to what you say to your customer. And guess what, this little blog of mine could be read by anyone. Just google. Voila !

Presently, we have new media, even without the traditional media featuring our nags, ramblings and rantings, we still have blogs, facebooks to tell the whole world of our grouses.

To me, if you can’t handle customer’s complaint, maka tak payahlah hold that position. There is nothing wrong to be sarcastic dan perli, memandangkan kita ni Melayu tapi if you are doing to a customer, that is too much.

For the fact is, you can’t handle customer, and live with it. Bila customer complaint dan tegur, take it, swallow it, as you know you are wrong and that is why you have a Public Relations Department. If you can’t take bricks being thrown at you, well, clerical job would suits you well. Less hectic.

Ok, lets cut the crap.

I wrote in short of our experience in Sibu Island Resort at this link.

Itu baru summary of what actually happened to us the crew during our stay there.

Let me say this, in Malaysia, there is NO such thing as good customer service. I never believed in that.

This is what a reader commented on the entry:

Audra Sazreena said… Hazrey… err. aku tak setuju.. sebab kita bayarlah kita perlu defend our rights as consumers. The payment that you made was not worth the service. And the management should compensate you.

Setakat buat review, memang akan ada effect, tapi lambat sikit… bab ni kena laju. Otherwise, they will not learn their lesson.

I could not agree more. Audra has a point there. The money we are paying does not worth the service we are receiving but of course, Sibu Island Resort which is owned by Jcorp does not realise this. Perhaps, the GM himself does not know what is customer service? What is value and what is worth? Of course he does not.

And this is what I replied to Audra:

Hazrey said… Audra: if we are in London or perhaps Paris, yes that may happen. Tapi kita di Malaysia. I have experienced many times dah, the only compensation they gave is – a stupid apology letter that has grammar mistake all over it. Example is Celcom.

Today, I receive an invitation to attend a food tasting for media from the same group, when I jokingly asked, “is this an invitation to compensate for the bad service we received in Sibu,” guess what was the answer:
“..lagipun benda yang lepas takkan nak ungkit selalu, simpan n jadikan pengajaran untuk yang lebih baik for the future.”

And this is Malaysia. Best tak? The concept of lepas tangan is being practiced in Johor Corporation itself. Kudos Jcorp! Kudos.

Yeah, that is how they handle customer complaint, let bygone be bygone. When a customer does not received the value they are paying for, should the customer be compensated? Not to Sibu Island Resort, and apology thru sms suffice.

To me, sms tak dapat menggambarkan keikhlasan kita. Apatah lagi if we wanna to apologise to people for our mistake. They should have this on their customer service mission, for all Jcorps staff.

Seriously I do not understand, a huge, company such as Jcorp do not have customer service values? Where is the value? For smiling at people? That is not enough. For sending apology via sms? That is never been enough. For saying let bygone be bygone? Screw that!

Another reader commented:

Izad Amran said… Salam….

“Siapa yang taknak hantar kek tu?” Macam tak boleh terima hakikat bahawa staf dia tidak menjalankan kewajipan mereka.

He as a general manager should made known those complaints about service failures are
valuable. Organizations pay huge fees to researchers and survey companies to discover their weaknesses, whereas complaints effectively provide the same data for free.

One general manager with 5-star hotel experience put it perfectly:
“It is the small, simple, special moments that we create through personal engagement with each customer that they will recall when they return home. To accomplish this type of sustainability we carefully and methodically select our employees, and then continuously train.

Personally, I’ve seen 3 star establishments with the 5-star mindset.

To the top management: Better to fix the holes and stop the leaks before you try to fill the bucket….when all that many customers require is not to be upset. 

Aku suka komen Izad ni. Aku rasa he is in customer service industry or hospitality. Good for him. Hopefully this can be a good case study for his students.

Apapun, let me repeat what was sent to me via sms:

“..lagipun benda yang lepas takkan nak ungkit selalu, simpan n jadikan pengajaran untuk yang lebih baik for the future.”

Yeah, sangat cool kan! Selamat Hari Raya everyone ! And I guess they love sms so much!!


  1. Salam Hazrey…

    They, the top management people are supposed to possess the knowledge and skills in areas of board governance. But, how the policies and practices are consistent with their statement of purpose match their PLEDGES or PHILOSOPHY

    “To me, sms tak dapat menggambarkan keikhlasan kita. Apatah lagi if we wanna to apologise to people for our mistake. They should have this on their customer service mission, for all Jcorps staff” …..You are correct , Saudara Hazrey!!

    One should bear in mind that hi-touch skills are more important than hi-tech skills as hi-tech skills involves managing the greatest assets…people.

    Technologies like phones, instant messaging, emails and ultimately social media messaging are efficient and effective communication and interaction. However, nothing beats meeting someone face-to-face noticing how the trend in terms of their demand and problems they face.

    You fit technology around people and not people around technology.

    Yes, this is as good case study whereby the customer expectation is important in forming the basis for defining service standard to help increase the understandings of the broad range of skills required of those working in the hospitality industry where improvement of performance is critical in this competitive environment.

  2. dear VP,

    kalau dah tak reti sangat value yg perlu ada kat customer service, just ingat kita layan orang sebagaimana kita mahu dilayani.

    kalau tak paham gak, den tak tau nak cakap. ataupun ekau memang bengap.

  3. Well, some people di CS (costumer service) kadang2 lagi mengarut. Bila orang call dalam BM, mereka tak faham (kononnya). Bila bercakap dalam English, kata laju sangat la pula.

    They, themselves ada sahaja benda nak tembak balik pada customer, itu pun tak boleh buat baik pada customer?

    They love SMS so much do they?
    Jangan hantar bagi singkatan pelik2 sudah lah.

  4. alolo ciannyer..mmg x boleh blah ngn jawapan dlm sms yg ko dpt tu..tang ayat " simpan n jadikan pengajaran untuk yang lebih baik for the future."

    itu ayat x proper.itu ayat untuk diri sendiri or nk perli ko? aku xpaham..

  5. Nampaknya kita kena tukar phrase "customr is always right" to "customer is always wrong" sebab apa pun kita buat akan kena kat kita balik..they never learn..bodoh sombong maybe..

    P/s: I love ur source of entertainment la bro..

  6. first time I've hear someone from the TOP management talks like that.
    btw, of celcom, i have an interesting story….

    one day i went to a celcom booth to buy a topup for my sis. i had rm20 in my wallet, took out ten and went to the booth.

    "kak, celcom."

    she asked how much, i said rm10, she handed out the card, and i left. and then she said:

    "eh, duitnya mana?"

    i kena sergah, so absent mindedly took out the other 10 from my wallet. then i stopped and saw my wallet was empty.

    "eh, saya dah bayar la tadi."

    "eh, mana ada." she said. i told her to check the records, and compare it with money in the safe. she did, and she shook.

    "cukup," katanya.

    i check my wallet, my bag. I'ts empty. i'm sure I had a 20; and i came straight to the booth and nowhere else.

    "biasa la orang short,mana nak ngaku," bisik rakanku yg juga bekas cashier.

    okay da pnjg sgt cerita ini. i'll go straight to the end.
    you know what happened?

    I stood on the counter chanting "where's my money" every ten minutes FOR ONE HOUR.

    dapat balik duit.

    customer is always right.
    but sometimes customer are CRAZY AND RIGHT.

  7. Hazrey.. nak share cerita sikit.. I once emailed Dato Sri Wahid Omar because I found TM's customer service was very bad in terms of updating their potential customers (ni kes aku nak apply new land line kat rumah aku yang kira new township – dah 9 bulan asyik asyik dapat reply – dalam proses). He replied to me the same day, cc-ed all the top management personnels, and within a month, aku dah dapat land line, siap streamyx lagi. Bukan aku saja, tapi the whole neighborhood dapat benefit. Problem sebenarnya? Takde apa, cuma dorang ni kalau tak ketuk tak kerja… kot.

    Aku anggap kes Celcom ko ngan kes aku ni kes bapak anak. Bapak matured sikit, anak kurang matured dalam handling customer's complaint.

    Don't these people know that the most powerful advertisement and marketing tool is "Word of mouth"?

    Lagi satu cerita, aku beli sofa bed kat satu furniture shop, zass kad plastik, tauke janji hantar lepas seminggu. Lepas seminggu, senyap. Aku call, dia kata petang dia hantar. Aku tunggu takde. Aku call lagi, dia kata lori rosak. Dia hantar esok. Esok harinya (2nd day) aku tunggu, tak datang jugak, aku call lagi, dia boleh bagitau, model yang aku order dan bayar tu dah obsolete. Kilang tak buat dah. Aku mintak refund, dia suh aku mintak kat bank sebab aku bayar pakai credit card (dia suruh aku cancel transaction dengan bank). Aku sangat hangin sebab dah la tak dapat barang, dia ingat aku bodoh nak ikut apa dia suggest, aku buat police report (under commercial crime). Keesokan harinya (3rd day), inspektor polis yang ambik kes aku tu call, suh aku ambik cheque dari dia.

  8. Audra, can you stop complaining? sakit dah perut ni gelak tau. Ni pun masih gelak lagi. Anyway, your kedai perabut tu mesti Cavenci kan? Hahahahahah..

    The Poyo: trueeeee.. rageeeeee is the answer, always.

    Conversationalist: what? who?

    ayunda: me too. the thing is, i think they are trying to confuse me, not knowing I am a confused man. Hahaha

    Zara: cakap tamil.

    zuha: hahahahahahah

    Izad: Malaysia best !!

    Azhar: i love u too.

  9. Hazrey,

    Okay I will stop complaining.. hehehe But seriously, kalau nak share with you my experience related to customer service.. memang tak terkira.. hehehe.. macam-macam ada!

    P/S: Kedai perabot tu nama Apek. Time tu Cavenzi tak wujud lagi.. and sorry buat hang keras perut gelak dan kurang point puasa.. 😉

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