Yes, to all darlings, I am not here to please you. If you feel offended, I can’t help it, perhaps you had become the best topic ever. Perhaps I like to offend people, but not in real life. If you do get offended by the entries, then you gotta start having friends, go outside, have a cup of Caramel Machiatto at Starbucks or join a futsal team.

Better scroll the phonebook of your mobile now. See if there is a list of numbers categorized under Buddies, Friends, Geng, Rakan Subahat, Rakan Jenayah, Rakan Senggama.

And no, you can’t choose and/or tell me what is the best for me to write. That could happen if you start typing my account number on your next Maybank2u favourite account transfer. Once you do that, you may negotiate.

Otherwise, if you love my sarcasm, my writings, stay on. You could also help me build a bungalow from my nuffnang account. But, even so, you know, fat chance. The only money I have from nuffnang now is RM5.64 and that is not even enough to buy me a pack of Dunhill.

I love brickbats. I have no problem with that. Kudos too.

But to tell me what you like to read here is a joke. This is not Harris, MPH or Borders. There is not section for fictions, adventure, romantics, management skill or Upin and Ipin books.



  1. Talking about Starbucks, just came back from there.


    BTW, sarcasm things are part of life and the real world. So, why deny? Enjoy reading here whether it’s not MPH.

    As long as it comes to read something, Zara never refused to do so. Ooopps, I never go for porn. hahaha~

    Good day Mr. Hazrey!

  2. Diaorang tu semua miang. 🙂 And I like miang. Female only.

    Benrauf: Teringat dapur mamak. Tak sampai hati nak makan.

    Miss Yasmin: Wanna marry me?

    dude: diaorang miang. 🙂

  3. haiyayayahhhh

    kau pun dah mula meroyan apa?

    Takkan kau tak faham… nikan blog.

    alah… kalau aku nak baca buku a.samad said aku cari kat MPH lah…

    ni aku nak tahu apa jadi kepada seorang wartawan setelah dirinya popular dihalau dari satu majlis popular…


  4. nuffnang aku 67 ringit

    dah cash in. ntah bila bole dapat. dah buang nuffnang. iklan serabut dan sejak ekonomi gagal ni aku dah tak dapat campaign dah. aku rely on campaign buat duit bukan pada click..


    blog engkau tak best

    asik hentam pondan. hentam pengkid la plak. hentam perokok mulut bau macam abu pun best jugak kan


  5. RM67 jek? That shows blog kau tak popular dan you will never be rich blogging.

    Blog aku tak best sebab kau pro pondan. Sebab tulah. Aku suka pengkid sebab lesbo. I only dream that I am between them. Hahahahah..

    Perokok tak boleh, sebab aku pakai ubat gigi untuk smoker. And I am helping petani tembakau di negeri yang memfatwakan merokok sebagai haram.

    So, terpaksalah continue. Hahaha..

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