Thanks to my cerdik-ness, I managed to bring back the coding.

Thanks to my cerdik-ness, I managed to bring back the coding.

Cool. Managed to figure it out and bring back the coding. Mungkin sebab dapat mimpi semalam.

Yeah, thank you for the laughing, need ‘that’ so much and the laughs were so motivating.

Now, need to break away from blogging. Need to complete my storyboard for a client – From Rags To Riches.

And yesterday, there were sms-es going around town, about a cikgu in Pekan Nenas, Johor. If you ever received it, please ignore it sebab polis dah pun buat kerja mereka, in within the law. Don’t take law into our hands. Jangan jeapordise our peace and stability. Ada friction of people yang sengaja mengapi-apikan keadaan. I know the whole story, in fact I spoke to the teacher on the phone. Let us uphold and maintain stability in our country.

Dear client,

Thank you for your patience. Yeah, I need to do some research first (sambil cuit cuit blog ni), and now, you shall have my utmost dedication to complete it.

I am all yours.

See you in ermm.. say soon?

9 Replies to “Thanks to my cerdik-ness, I managed to bring back the coding.”

  1. Ada cikgu Melayu physically assaulted by a non Malay. The assaulter have been arrested by the police yet some dicks mengapi apikan keadaan, dan berkumpul depan balai polis, kononnya nak menunjukkan kekuatan.

    Aku tau siapa di sebalik sms tu menggunakan kod merah dan kuning.

    Macam kau dan aku selalu cakap, mesti ada segelintir manusia yang cuba ambil kesempatan apabila berlaku sesuatu kejadian dan itulah sebenarnya yang memusnahkan keamanan negara kita ni sekaligus menjejaskan ekonomi.

    Rumour monger should be arrested. Period. Merekalah yang timbulkan kacau bilau.

  2. out of my mind: sehitam hatiku terhadap pondan pondan. lols.

    syed: yeah, wanna share your recipe? 🙂

    aerin: syabas inspektor shahab, syabas. lama shoeshineazreen tak comment kau blog aku. taulah busy..

    zara: will somehow update, in between. kalau mood lari masa buat storyboard. lols.

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