Not A Wonderful Day Today..

Not A Wonderful Day Today..

Start the day with a pleasant journey, then found out that tayar pancit. It was not bad though, although I took a journey of almost 15km to and fro to send wifey to work.

No, this is not the nail. I took this picture from google search.

Just to make my point. Tak boleh ker? Salah ker?

Stopped at Shell Taman Perling and its apparatus to fill the air tak boleh pakai. What the.. Why can’t they check all this thing? You should know my frustration. My tyre was half punctured and had to drive to a nearby service shop.

It does occurs to me to do this to the owner but takmoh masuk 999 nanti for wrong reason.

Not far though, and since it needs an overdue alignment, might as well I took the car for that. Lucky me, ada paku besar kat tayar.

After solat Jumaat, I accidently dropped my cigarette in the car and it burnt the fabric. Gosh, what is happening today. Moment later, I almost hit the back of a Proton Waja near City Plaza on the way to Taman Pelangi. The morale of the story is JANGAN ISAP ROKOK LAGI.. my wife would love to say that to my face later.. Yeah honey, I know, I hear you.

It is a relief that the boss of the leather shop for automobiles was nice since he knows me. It is good to make sure you are known to everyone. And your presence felt. And little bit of a PR won’t hurt. You wouldn’t know someday, somehow you might want to use that contact of yours. But to think of it, of course he is nice, I’m paying for the leather and it is and will never be free unless I am married to his daughter, which I did not ask whether he has a daughter or not.

Not so cheers..

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