I Can’t Blog Because Im Busy Sugar Daddying.

I Can’t Blog Because Im Busy Sugar Daddying.

In his latest reply to my comment, this fella who used pseudonym DonCorleone (yang atas ni muka dia 15 tahun lagi) at http://akubimbo.blogspot.com, berangan kononnya he is a reincarnation of a Godfather, dares me to start my own blog.

Before i continue, for those yang tak tahu which character this tak sedar diri fren of mine used as his pseudonym, here some facts (ohh I took this trouble to explain sebab this guy just do not know how to connect his writing with his reader):

No, this aint Vito Corleone. This is Suresh of a village called Kute. Yup, Kute.
  • Vito Corleone, the original Don, played by Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro.
  • Michael Corleone, Vito’s son, played by Al Pacino, who took over the running of the family. (For an extra note, this two legend Al Pacino and Robert De Niro was paired in the movie Heat and it was awesome and I have watched it over and over and over again until Im game over… haha)
  • Vincent Mancini-Corleone, Michael’s successor and the third Don Corleone, played by Andy Garcia and last but definitely not least,
  • Aldo Trapani, Michael’s temporary successor, played by Andrew Pifko.

Now, why on earth should I start a blog while I can linger around the website and make a presence everywhere? In fact Im not as rajin as other people to start a blog. I have a blocked mind, not a blog. So why should I write? I have enough writing everyday for my newsroom editor or my assignment editor to shout at me on the phone, so why should I write?

I dont have the passion to write – a blog that is. Who gonna sub my blog? Where to place the Sound On Tape – SOT? Where is the visual?

I love reading but i dislike writing especially blogging. I have made my presence everywhere, almost all my frens blog – frens and foes using pseudonyms wherever necessary to protect my privacy.. that is what they always say kan.. haha.. scumbag..

I have no time to blog. My life daily is packed enough.. Attending to my wife, attending to my wife, attending to my wife.. hah.. that is busy enough.. and I have a hot wife so kena jaga sebab aku ni idaklah ensem sangat, but bolehlah kalau dibandingkan dengan Leman. Wait, who is Leman? DonC should know. Leman is a legend that live life like a true Godfather. Not like Saniboey yang berangan siang malam he is a DonC.

I shall not elaborate further of this Leman of ours.

I just came back from India and that reminds me of DonC a lot. Why? I am not answering any, because then I will be liable for saman malu. Takmoh laa, I don’t own a helicopter so I aint rich nor do I took a ride in one during my wedding. Mahal weh. Baik aku pergi Maldives for holiday, lagi baik.

I did made a comment about journalism, as DonC gave me the opportunity to do so, and did not DARE to delete my comment walaupun comment to panjang berjela. I like typing. Kah kah kah.

India has a lot to offer. Saree murah. RM200 for 7-yard.. and I bought because I just love shopping. But hey, I don’t wear any lip gloss ok. And I don’t pinch any guys butt. I just love shopping. Is it odd? If it is, then I must stop shopping. The short stop at Mysore (pronounce My-Sur) enables me to shop 2 pair of sarees for wifey and shawls. Damn cheap man. During the shopping tu, I cant stop my hidung to kembang kuncup because aku rasa macam aku omputih, tourist dari Europe. Ekekekeke.. sorrylah, sebab first time pergi sana.

The next day, the final day of our trip in Bangalore, India, I bought more things for wifey. I only bought a jacket. You guys must have said, sayangnya kat wifey, don’t worry, I always told my wife that, sekarang susah dah cari laki cam aku ni.. hahaha.. rare species. The leather jacket tu, cost me a whooping RM500 !! Cantik gila. Genuine leather.

Shopping kat Mahatma Ghandi Road or MG Road mahal dari shopping kat Commercial Street, Bangalore, India. Commercial Street for its product mix and its price. Tourist spot, and cuci mata spots. Kat sini semua ada.. Aishwarya Rai · Amisha Patel · Asha Parekh · Bipasha Basu · Dimple Kapadia · Divya Bharati · Diya Mirza · Esha Deol look alike

Lepas pakai blanket ni, badan gatal gatal.

Ohh I found out that our blanket masa tido kat Tranquil Lake Resort located in within Nagarahole National Park which is 5 hours from the city centre of Bangalore brand dia dunhill. Tapi I did not ask sama ada ni dunhill light or normal dunhill. Agaknya mesti diaorang ada blanket Marlboro kan.. Gudang Garam?

Ada kisah kelakar masa last day kat Pai Viceroy Hotel, our last hotel before departing back to Malaysia. Hahaha.. Aku tersalah masuk bilik.. kah kah kah.. next story laa.. nak tido..

In the meantime, these are some of the pictures taken, as I was forced to posing sakan. Yang bestnya, bila aku posing, the group member semua pi ikut style aku posing. So, hebatlah aku kan.. Kau nak jeles kenapa?

When the girls got the news Im coming to town, they actually group up and stormed me, and some of them ada yang mengacah acah, except there was no escalator.. so bagi mengelakkan aku dari dijadikan bahan yang mengatakan aku sombong, aku terpaksa mengalah dengan permintaan mereka untuk bergambar. Dengar dengar, diaorang nak antar pada satu magazine, bersama artis..
Tak sangka populariti aku sampai sana. Lupa nak tanya channel apa..


Donny Osmond.. boleh tak pakai pseudonym ni.. kah kah kah.. rambut dia.. kah kah kah..

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