Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

Travel Journal – Bangalore, India.
Dateline: 2nd November 2008

It is 2 hours time difference, between home and Bangalore, India. Yesterday, our group arrived at 11:35pm local time at Bengaluru International Airport, Bangalore, India. Not bad as was told that the airport underwent a facelift recently. Quite impressive. Better than Bali Indonesia.

We left KLIA at exactly 10pm Malaysian time on MH192. Tak ramai orang took this flight except locals and two stunning looking caucasian girls.. hehe.. Tiring sesangat sebab naik MAS. Unlike SIA, MAS’ in-flight entertainment sucks big time. Yes, it is an Airbus plane. Cramp kaki. Belum cerita pinggang lagi. Macam nak patah pun ada.

There were 6 of us in this group and we took two coaches to continue our journey to our hotel, located in the heart of Bangalore. Ask the driver – Suraj how far is the hotel from the airport, and dia cakap, “not far not far”, only 12km. So, doing the math, with smooth traffic, it will be somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes jek, but it took us almost an hour to arrive there.

The name of the hotel we were staying is Pai Viceroy, and nope I did not ask what is the meaning of the hotel. Perhaps it is a local language that means something kan. Samalah dengan hotel rasa sayang, jelita etc. Hehe..

At the front office, Malaysia’s director for Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) told us not to drink water out of the tap. (since when did I drink tap water?). Lucky that this small hotel provides free mineral water, and we had the luxury of brushing our teeth with mineral water.

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